~superunknown~ my best friend and owner of my heart...hilarious guy to talk to..or laugh at..whichever you prefer...hehehe

~royal assassin~ a really great guy ive known since last summer..

~woodstock~ probably the deepest person i have met...nice and sweet...great to talk to

~sparky dog~ my bestest friend in the whole wide world...known her since fifth grade...here's to you sparky!

~rommel~ hehehe..dont mind him and his sick jokes..he's a really nice guy way deep down in there somewhere...i think...*grin*

~rick~ a great guy who's hit a lot of hard luck...nice and fun to talk to...hope some luck finds him soon!

~gypsy princess~ rommel's fianceč...very sweet..addicted to mountain dew...so when she's out...RUN!!..hehehe

~johnny~ a pretty cool guy i met about a year and a half ago :o)

~morigu~ an awesomely talented guy i have been priveleged to be friends with

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royal assassin

knights realm

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gypsy's page

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