Hello! Welcome to my MUD page. :o) For those of you who may not know what MUD is, its a role playing game, and a very good one at that. I used to play almost everynight, and i will admit..it can be very addictive. The people in there are super nice...especially the immortals :o) I also have many friends who play in MUD. MUD is basically a game of warriors and spell casters who fight evil creatures, and good creatures, in order to become a HERO! No...there aren't any pictures...sorry for those more visual players...but one good thing about no pictures is that you can use your imagination! If you get bored one day, or if you are interested in playing MUD, then I sincerely hope you try it out!...Its a lot of fun...and if you dont like it you can always quit. Well...maybe you can....if they let you go..MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

My favorite MUD

lunar eclipse's homepage


*if your telnet server is not connected through your browser, simply type in the above address in your telnet server.

Do you have a telnet server?

If the answer is no, then here are some steps to aquire one.

1. Go to http://tucows.phx.cox.com/softterm.html and download a telnet application suitable for your computer.
2. Unzip your new telnet application and go through the set up instructions.
3. If you would like to run telnet through your browser:
** Go to OPTIONS and scan down to GENERAL PREFERENCES
** Once in GENERAL PREFERENCES go to a tab marked APPS and open it.
** In APPS browse for your telnet .EXE file and insert it in the TELNET space.
4. If you do not wish to run telnet through your browser, simply use your connect box to type in the address of MUD.


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